Air Canada Rewards – 3000+ Points


Warranty: 1 Hour

These are Air Canada Rewards Accounts with Points on them that can be used to get UBER CASH, STARBUCKS STARS & BOOK FLIGHTS!

  • 3,000 Points = $25 Uber Credits
  • 6,000 Points = $50 Uber Credits
  • 12,000 Points = $100 Uber Credits

Note: The currency for the Uber Cash and Starbucks will most likely be in CAD, not USD!

Email bomb before and after you change the email on the account (Only do this if the account isn’t too active OR you know what you’re doing)

If you don’t change any login details, then ensure you email bomb before and after you order the Uber Cash or starbucks

You can use the email bomber: HERE

Please note when buying:
Contact support if you have any issues with the account
Do not change any details on this account!

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