Meijer Rewards Accounts


Warranty: 1 Hour (The error “There was an unsupported response from server.” DOES NOT MEAN A BAD LOGIN, it just means your ip/cookies/cache is blocked, so not a reason for a replacement)

1000 Points == $1

Your cart total must be more than the coupon(s) used!

There is also Money off gas rewards, which you can redeem for those too and use at the pump!

How to use in-store through self-checkout (Do Not Use Online!): 

  1. Login to the account given to you through their site/app and navigate to the rewards section and then “Claim” the $ Dollar-off rewards for in-store use
  2. Note: You are only able to use 1 $50, 1 $40, and 1 $30 for each cart total. But the $20s and $10s stack (Stack as in if they’re from the SAME ACCOUNT, you can NOT stack if they’re from different accounts obviously)
  3. After claiming the points for their rewards, navigate to the “Account Settings”: Enter the SAME password, and then screenshot the phone number and Meijer ID Pin
  4. Go in-store to their self-checkout and simply enter the Phone Number and then when asked for the Meijer ID Pin on the card reader enter the 4-digit pin
  5. On the self-checkout screen you’ll see the coupons you claimed, simply select them and click Yes to apply

Please note when buying:
Contact support if you have any issues with the account
Do not change any details on this account!


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