Massage Envy (w/PDF)


Warranty: 24 Hours


Easily use in-store or over the phone! (Call your location first to ensure they’ll except an e-gift card)

You can either use the PDF we give to simply have the cashier scan/manually enter the code, or you can use one of the apps below to use!

How to use: 

Download an e-gift card app such as Giftme, Stocard, Gyft, Cardsmash, PASS2U, and PocketZee

Using in-store you’ll show them the gift card on the app for them to scan/manually enter, or you can write the gift card number on the receipt

Please note when buying:
Contact support if you have any issues with the account

Call your store first to see if they accept gift cards over the phone for pickup or e-gift cards in-store!

Check the balance of your gift card before going to use too, call your store to ask for the balance or google your gift card and check the balance from there


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