The Farmer’s Dog Meal Kit Discount Codes


Warranty: 1 Hour

These are The Farmer’s Dog discount codes to get cheap meal kits weekly!

These codes will NOT get you 100% off your order, you’ll still need to pay for shipping!

The “Meal Kits” can be found on their website. It’s usually 4-6+ meals for 2+ dogs, so don’t put that you have 10+ dogs. Do 1-3 for best results

You’ll just need to mess with it a little once you get the code for your order to see what gets you the most savings for your meal kit

How to use: 

  1. Buy the product here and send our support team your order number and what you bought
  2. Ensure you haven’t created an account yet for The Farmer’s Dog (You will make a brand new one later after you’re given the code)
  3. Once you have the code you’ll follow the link given to make a brand new account with info that has NEVER been used on The Farmer’s Dog before
  4. Make your meal kit and apply the discount code once you’re in the cart/checkout

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