Stop & Shop – Fuel Rewards – 4000+ Points


Warranty: 1 Hour (Before reporting an issue with your account purchased ensure you’ve checked that the account doesn’t have the correct amount of points AND has nothing under Gas Savings redeemed already) (It is also on you to ensure that your local shell/fuel rewards station accepts their rewards before buying)

The login you’ll be given is for Stop & Shop, not a login for Fuel Rewards!

100 Points == 10¢ off/gal OR $1 off groceries!

To use at your local shell/fuel rewards participation gas station, simply follow the link and info given to you after you’ve purchased!

After you have redeemed the points for either Grocery Dollars for Stop & Shop or Gas Savings, simply note-down the Stop & Shop Card Number & Alt. ID on the account here:

Note: For every 100 points you receive, you’ll save 10¢ per gallon up to a maximum of $1.50/gallon on up to 20 gallons of fuel per vehicle per purchase

Please note when buying:
Contact support if you have any issues with the account
Do not change any details on this account!
Login through incognito mode and clear your apps data/cache or uninstall it before logging into a new account

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