FTID Boxing Service


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USA & CA sites only, pick the correct package below for the country needed and which package you’d like!

This is a Refund/SE/Boxing Service that will help you refund from stores or SE stores to get your money back!

Go here to check out the list of stores currently supported. All the questions you may have will be found here too: http://bit.ly/3o4UPOj

Simple Breakdown of what this service will do:

  1. Make a purchase under the limits from a store listed in the google docs link above.
  2. Once you received the item, go to your order on the site and start a return.
  3. After doing so you’ll be given a shipping label.
  4. After doing the above steps, purchase whatever package suits your need to refund/SE your order/product and follow the steps given once your order with us has gone through.

Please note when buying:
This is a very simple service. Read the google docs link above first before asking support any questions.
After you purchase, you’ll be given a note and simply asked to-do a task that will have you message our support with


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