GameStop Rewards Accounts


Warranty: 1 Hour (We only warranty the login working and the points being on the account)

5k Points == $5

These accounts have GameStop Rewards points that can be used to redeem only in-store!

If you’re looking to get gift cards with gamestop keep note that you can only get gaming gift cards. This means Xbox, Steam, PSN, Twitch, etc. (Amazon, doordash, etc. Are not gaming gift cards, so don’t even try to redeem for them)

You just get the email changed by calling gamestop support. Change to an email you have access to and once you get it changed you simply redeem for in-store money off rewards and then go in-store and give them the phone number on the account. If the store IDs you simply change the name on the account to a name you have an id for

Method 2 (For getting gaming gift cards in-store): 
For this method you’ll do the same as above to get the email changed to one you have access to so you can redeem for in-store money off rewards. But some stores may not let you use those rewards to get gaming gift cards. The “method” to get the gaming gift cards is to simply buy a product with the in-store rewards and then after you checkout, ask them to return the items and then use the store credit to get the gamin gift cards

Gamestop is still very much alive for all the haters saying it’s dead <3

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