Dominos USA Rewards Accounts (READ BEFORE YOU BUY)


Warranty: 1 Hour (Warranty is only the login working and the points being on the account!)

You can ONLY do pickup orders!

60 Points == 1 Free Pizza!

Simply login through a browser to the Dominos site (DO NOT USE THEIR APP!), verify the account has enough points, and then redeem the points for a free item (Important: Ensure the total in the end is $0.00, you can NOT pay anything out of pocket or attempt to have the account do so!)

Dealing with 2FA: Simply contact their support to get the email changed to one you have by saying you don’t have access to said email anymore or you aren’t getting the code, etc.

Email bomb before and after you get the email changed! 

You can use the email bomber: HERE

Please note when buying:
Contact support if you have any issues with the account
Do not change any details on this account!
Login through incognito mode


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