Walmart & Wayfair Instant Refund Service – 15% of your total order amount

This Refund service will grant your order from Walmart/Wayfair an Instant refund! Simply follow the info below!

If your order is below $1000 in total the flat fee will be $125! orders must be sold and shipped by (There are no price limits, and you can do multiple times on the same account!)

Wayfair can be USA & CA, can do appliances if it states it’s shipped through freight delivery!

The process is simple, you will take the total amount from your order from Walmart/Wayfair and Multiply it by 0.15, after doing so you’ll enter that amount under your offer for this product!

Example: My total Order on was $1200, $1200 x 0.15 == $180

Simple Breakdown of what this service will do:

  1. Make your purchase at & receive your order
  2. After you have your order in your hands, take the amount your order was and multiply it by 0.15, which will give you the amount our service costs
  3. Enter that amount for this product, pay, and then contact our support for your refund

Please note when buying:
This is a very simple service. Do the above steps and the money will be back in your hands soon!
After you purchase, you’ll be given a note and simply asked to-do a task that will have you message our support with
You must purchase with an account, not with guest checkout!

Minimum price: $125.00

Sold By: Tuna