Instant Grocery Refund Service – 10% of your total order amount

This Instant refund service is for You will simply start an in-store pickup or Same-Day Delivery order, and follow the steps below before doing so!

Your order total AFTER tax needs to be under $750! (10% of $750 == $75)

Each item in your cart must be under $49.99 as the subtotal! (There is NO item limit though)

You can do this refund twice per account!

Ensure that the item you’re looking to add to your cart states it can be returned to! (Not Store only)

Math Example: My orders total is $552, I take 552 and multiply it by 0.10, that then gives me $55.2

Simple Breakdown of what this service will do:

  1. Go to and start a pickup or Same-Day Delivery order
  2. Each of the items you add to your cart must be under $49.99
  3. After getting everything you want added to your cart, ensure that the total of your order AFTER tax is under $750!
  4. After doing the above steps, simply take your orders total and multiply it my 0.10. After doing so you’ll enter that amount in the box below and pay for the refund service.
  5. Contact our support with the information asked for on your orders note.

Please note when buying:
This is a very simple service. Read the steps above to get your money back fast with just a few simple steps!
After you purchase, you’ll be given a note and simply asked to-do a task that will have you message our support with

SImply take your orders total amount and multiply it by 0.10! (Example above)

Minimum price: $5.00

Sold By: Tuna