JCPenney Reward Codes- $10


Warranty: 1 Hour

Can stack 2 Codes Online for In-store pickup! (Ensure to pay some money out of pocket

Can stack up to 10 In-store (People have done more in-store at once, but depends on the cashier)

Enter in-store too with apps like Stocard, giftme & Apply pay by entering the BarcCode & then the regular codes if asked

How to use online (Best todo pickup, and ensure you pay some money out of pocket, do not let the rewards pay for the whole order):

  • Enter the first set of numbers while looking at your car (Not at checkout, these are NOT gift cards!)
  • Then enter the next set of numbers when asked for the serial number

The code for in-store will be the one that starts with “MC”

Please note when buying:
Use the code(s) rewards asap after you buy it.
There are no refunds/exchanges after purchase.

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