Hilton (2FA On) – 10k-20k+


Warranty: 1 Hour

What you can use the Hilton Points on: 

  1. Booking Hotel Rooms
    1. Will need to change the account information. (Email, Phone Number, etc.)
    2. After doing so you can start a reservation for a room and put your information since they do ask for ID most of the time.
    3. If you don’t feel comfortable using an account like this for booking a room, transfer the points to your own account. (Steps below)
  2. Renting Cars
    1. You’ll follow the same steps above for booking rooms.
  3. Lyft Credit for Rides
    1. Make a new Lyft account and verify the phone number and email. Ensure that the email and number haven’t been used with Lyft before.
    2. You’ll need to change the email of the Hilton account before going to redeem the Lyft Points. (This is for their 2FA system)
    3. After doing the above steps, you’ll follow this link: HERE
    4. You can redeem Hilton Points to the same Lyft account 1-2 times, best for 1 time only.
  4. Transfering the Points to your own account (Best option)
    1. The Hilton account you’re transferring the points to needs to be over 30 days old and has activity (Past Stays, Amex card uses, etc)
    2. You can transfer points up to six times a year. There’s a maximum of 500,000 points per transfer. (It’s best to transfer 2-3 times max to your own Hilton Account)
    3. Change the Email & Number of the Hilton Account purchased before transferring the points to your own account.
    4. It can take 24-48 hours for the points to transfer fully. (Contact Hilton support if it takes longer then this)

Please note when buying:
Contact support if you have any issues with the account
Login through incognito mode

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