Fuel Rewards – $11+


Warranty: 1 Hour (Only for login working and with the correct point balance)

It is up to you to check if participating stations are near you through their app! The warranty covers the login working and the balance for the rewards

The limit for how many gallons the rewards go towards will be set by your station, normally it is 20, but it can vary by station!

How to use: 

  1. Download their app (Links below)
  2. At the main menu tap “How to Redeem”
  3. Use the Locations tab to find the stations nearest to you that accept the rewards
  4. Follow the steps given under the “How to Redeem” section to use

Apps to use: 

For Android

For Apple

Please note when buying:
Read the above before buying

Contact our support if you have issues right away!

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