Cinemark Theatres Gift Cards


Warranty: 1 Hour (Warranty is only for the balance, not if the card gets rejected in-store or on Fandango after checkout!)

These are Cinemark Theatres Gift Cards, not accounts!

With your order you will be given a Cinemark Theatres Gift Card that you can use only in-store and through the Fandango app/site at checkout by clicking pay with a Cinemark Theatres Gift Card

You can NOT use these on your own Cinemark account, and you can NOT check the balance on the Cinemark Theatres site. Only check them through the Fandango checkout or in-store!

To use at cinemark simply add the gift card number to an app like cardsmash or stocard! It’ll work just like it did with accounts where the cashier simply scans the barcode/qr code!


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