AMC Stubs Accounts


Warranty: 1 Hour (We only warranty the login working and the points being on there, WE WILL NOT REPLACE IF YOU DO NOT ASK US TO CHECK THE NEXT ACCOUNT IN-LINE BEFORE YOU BUY TO ENSURE IT ISN’T INSIDER)

These are AMC Theatre accounts with stub rewards! (If you wish to buy tickets and not just food, message our support (Obviously wait for us to reply FIRST) before you buy so you don’t get an Insider account) (You need to say which $ amount you’re looking to buy, not just “Hello, I want tickets + food with amc)

Download App<Login to account<Redeem the $5 rewards<Screenshot the rewards qr code<Go to the theatre<Have them scan the qr code to pay for tickets/food<Done

Once there you can simply click “activate” on the $5 reward displayed for every 5k points!

Please note when buying:
Contact support if you have any issues with the account
Do not change any details on this account!
Login through their App (Clear your apps data and cache before using another account if you’ve used one before with the app)


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